Toulmin Model Argument About The Environment

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Toulmin Model Argument about the Environment God created the Earth, which is one of His most beautiful creations in this world, and mankind has been abusing His creation over the past decades. According to the author, Maurice Hamel, “The root of our ecological problems is really spiritual, not biological or chemical. "We" defile this world, not something outside of us. The real pollution is flowing out from within us,” as, stated in her article Saving the Planet (And Other Environmental Misconceptions). Matthew 15:18-20 says, but what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile…show more content…
All of this God also called “good” Genesis 1:20-25). God finishes his work by dressing the land and environment by creating animals and lastly the creation of human beings who exhibit His image (Genesis 1:26). After His completion of this creation God declares all of these things to be “very good” (Genesis 1:31). God puts mankind in charge of His world by giving us dominion over all things, and if one were to evaluate how mankind is doing they would conclude that man is doing a poor job at keeping order and taking care of Earth. According to Nebel and Wright, “four basic principles are essential for achieving a sustainable ecosystem, the goal of the environmental movement. They are: (1) recycling elements in order to dispose of wastes and replenish nutrients; (2) using solar energy; (3) maintaining the size of consumer populations to prevent overgrazing; and (4) maintaining biodiversity.” An ecological emergency can happen when any of these domains are settled with compromise. While people are destroying the tropical rainforests, they don’t realize that they are destroying 40% of the world’s supply of oxygen. 40 million acres of tropical rainforest are being lost annually to deforestation and humans destroying the Earth. Christians need to advocate for the…show more content…
With this, Christians will enhance their role of service to God through the environment. “Churches should declare affirmation statements and initiate programs that show that the environmental sensitivity” (Baldwin, 2006). For instance recycling programs that are lead by churches encourage a pollution-free environment that encourages the continuing growth of the environment. Churches need to be leading individuals to plant trees by providing them with seedlings, to plant in their homes, public land, within the church and everywhere. “As a way of preserving water, Christians should take advantage of the solar and wind energy sources”(DeWitt, & Nash, 2009). Christians should really work towards putting a stop to international and domestic businesses that pollute the environment and prevent pour waste disposal. “Most of the personal and church actions must therefore come as a result of changed lifestyles and practices” (Lady of Mercy College, 2011). “Human beings are called upon to care for the earth and sacred implying that their central

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