Tourette Syndrome Essay

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front of the class Disability: disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person movements, senses, or activities. Tourette syndrome: is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics and often the compulsive utterance of obscenities. The definitions above will help you understand the topic of my essay, which is about people with disabilities. In our language arts class we saw a movie about a person that have Tourette syndrome and he converts in a teacher and he reach their goals when anyone is helping he. The second reason why I writing this is to show people how did a person with disabilities reach they goals and can do all things just like us, because they have feelings like us and they are persons like all…show more content…
I don’t like that the teachers don’t comprehend Brad and they treat Brad like he is a rare person. His mother took him to the psychologist and the psychologist said he didn’t have anything, his mother moved him to another school. His mother took him to a support group in a church, his mother did a research and read about Tourette syndrome to learn more about it. Brad´s father was happy at the baseball game because Brad was a good player, but then he got angry because Brad started to make noises. The teacher didn’t know that Brad was sick and when they noticed that he was sick the principal told him that he need to go to a mini concert that they organized in the school. When Brad grow up he want to be a teacher and Brad want to get a job like a teacher and that his sickness doesn’t interpose in his career. He had an interview for a job, then he went out on a date with a nice girl, but people kept staring at him. When Brad was a teacher a supervisor goes to his class to see what he is doing. Brad met Nancy online in a dating site. Brad has a student name Heather she gets sick and she passes away, all the students go to her funeral. He was a good teacher that he helped a student to comprehend a book. Nancy meets Brad´s family and when they are talking they kissed. Seen the movie about Brad Cohen I feel sad because is bad
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