Tourette Syndrome Speech

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Front of the Class
Hi today I will be talking about people with disabilities. What are disabilities? Well disabilities are a lack of an adequate power, strength, physical or mental ability incapacity. I will talk too about the Tourette Syndrome. What is Tourette Syndrome? Well Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by a recurrent involuntary movement, including multiple necks jerks and sometimes vocal tics, as runts, barks, or words, especially obscenities. There different disabilities, this is not a sickness. You only can have this if you born with that. We need to give a chance or opportunity to that people, because you can´t try that people like that only because. They have that disabilities. We need to try all people
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Kids in the school bullied brad because of his noises, then of the school his mother took him to the psychologist and the psychologist said he didn’t have anything. His mother moves him to another school because brad tell him that they bullied him. Teachers didn’t now he was sick so he always get in trouble. His mother took him to a support group in a church, His mother start searching about what can brad have and she read about the Tourette Syndrome and she start to learn about the Tourette syndrome. His father was happy at the baseball game because bread was a good player, but then he got angry because brad start making weird noises. Then when he grows up he has an interview for a job but they don’t accept him because of his noises. He continues searching for school because he wants to be a teacher. Then one school accept him and he now is the teacher of 2nd grade. Then he went out with a nice girl and she’s name is: Nancy, but people kept starring at him. The principal tells him he had to go to the concert. Brad go to the house of his mom with his girlfriend to celebrate thanx giving. The next day he goes to school and heather one of his students don’t came to school, two weeks later the say that heather die. Then brad go to the funeral of heather but he doesn’t want to enter to the funeral because he says because it says that it is an obstacle because when I entered it will not let listen to the other people who are at the funeral, because of its sounds. Then brad talk with her dad about his Tourette and his dad understand. Then the next day when the students of brad where entering to the class they see people was bringing bookshelves to his classroom and at last the of the people was entering in line with the bookshelf at the class was the dad of brad and he tell him he made that bookshelves for him and the dad of brad bring brad a surprise he brings a hat for his collection. Then the next day when brad came to school he
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