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Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Only in darkness can you see the stars.” When I was ten I had a muscle spasm, and I did not tell anyone because I thought I had a brain tumor and my parents would not be able to afford treatment. The spasms continued to progress over the years and I still thought I was going to die, until three years later when I figured I had not died yet, so it must be something else. Being an immature child, I never told anyone. Most of the time I kept them hidden or when someone did notice I told them I had ‘cold shakes’. When I was fourteen they became vocal, for instance I would yell extremely loud in the middle of eating dinner. This was impossible to hide, so my parents caught on. To address the issues I was having…show more content…
Tourette’s Syndrome is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, about 3 in a 1000 teenagers have Tourette’s. Boys are two to three times more likely to have Tourette’s than girls, making me 1 in a 1000. The doctor prescribed me medicine to help with the tics(muscle spasms), and the medicine did help, but it did not stop them completely. Paying closer attention to them made me notice things that set them off; the cold, being distracted, being stressed, and someone touching me. In the grocery store one day I had an iced coffee and I ticed in away my tongue fell out of my mouth, no more iced drinks for me. Another example is that in the middle of the mall I started drooling on myself. The tics were still there, and worsening, just not as numerous. On top of that, OCD often reduced me to spending my summer afternoons sitting in the yard for hours pulling up…show more content…
I have five medical issues, and I know that it could be much better, but it could be so much worse. I could have really had a brain tumor, or I could be non-verbal like kids at my neurologist. I have long given up on the idea of being a perfect person with no flaws, because that is no one 's reality. I shake, scream words, slap the air, choke every now and then, drool on myself and if someone does not accept that, that is not my problem. Life is easier when you accept what you can not change. In my time of darkness, I could finally see the stars. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Only in darkness can you see the

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