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This table manifests the results of the Backpackers’ level of interest with each tourist activities that the Fortune Islands, Nasugbu, Batangas offers. Backpackers are searching for extraordinary experiences and interact with local people they have never done before. The respondents were asked to rate their level of interest on the activities they might involve when visiting Fortune Island. Most respondents have a ‘VERY HIGH’ rating on activities such as ‘Trek to the light house’ (3.31) and ‘Plunge into the blue waters and frolic under the sun’ (3.27). These activities offered by the Fortune Islands really suit the adventure, relaxation and a perfect experience for backpacking and since Fortune Islands manifest a majestic nature of crystal like pristine waters backpackers would go likely to plunge…show more content…
According to Pearce, Morrison, O’Leary and Lang (1995 as cited by Lien 2010), Activities are seen as the critical link between tourist motivations. Tourists who have heard that a certain place away from their current location has similar types of activities that they like may be stimulated to discover the place to enjoy the activities, and to see difference between those activities with the similar ones they have known or experienced before. For instance, backpackers who are adventurer and social-seeker has this feeling of excitement to those adrenaline inducing activities such as ‘Trek to the light house’ and ‘Plunge into the blue waters and frolic under the sun’ and may prefer traveling to destinations which have these exciting and unique activities. No doubt why the Fortune Island in Nasugbu, Batangas won the hearts and interests of the backpackers for its perfectly matched destination and

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