Tourism And Globalization

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In recent years, the tourism activity has been rapidly growing in all destinations worldwide and in some cases, these places have adapted all their tangible and intangible resources according to the customer’s demands, to the extent that they have become exact copies, by selling same products and experiences everywhere and consequently, contributing to the disappearance of unique tourist destinations. Taking into account that every time customers are more demanding, expecting to live new adventures and find out singular and authentic spaces, the fact that tourism is perceived as a business to take advantage from it, leads to the sameness factor, which means the loss of identity and distinctiveness of these places. For this reason, in the following items I will focus on discussing the main challenges that tourist destinations are facing in terms of globalization and suggesting possible solutions for each problem mentioned. One of the biggest problems that the tourism industry is facing is that the main attractive destinations create new tourism projects, by offering products and experiences that already exist all over the world. For instance, Dubai plans to build the world’s biggest shopping mall, which will expect to have accommodation establishments and many attractions for the youngest visitors and for the whole family. At this point, the debate focuses mainly on the question of whether these projects bring added value or on the contrary, they are designed for breaking
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