Tourism And Leisure Time

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1. The Tourism industry and Leisure time
The time is a very valuable asset, that anyone can ever posses. The time people spend for something is unconsciously defining what is valuable and valueless for them. Few of the main areas, human beings spend time for are leisure and tourism. (reference, some psychology book and leisure)
There are different definitions for leisure time, but in simple terms, leisure is anything on which people spend their free time and income. In order to understand how people wish to spend their time, it should be looked into the essence of leisure, activities and entertainment. (Morgan, 1996, p.3)
People have different desires and opinions regarding their free and spare time. Those desires come from different sources and create special attitudes towards time spending. Additionally, there are various kinds of necessity, in which people aim to be involved. Nash (1960) in his book describes a concept of the use of free time. In its pyramid at the top is scaled creative participation and at the bottom immoral acts. This scale shows in which area people are psychologically more interested and wish to spend their time. The concept brings proofs on how people spend their time, in which areas and for which purposes. (Nash, 1960, cited in Morgan…). As the people spend their time on different activities, one of those activities is tourism. As well as leisure, tourism has many definitions; we will use one of those which reflect main idea. Tourism is a

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