Tourism And Tourism Essay

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ABSTRACT: There is enormous scope for the tourism industry to contribute better to less poverty in the world. It suggests how both the tourism industry and the poor can benefit from an integrated approach to growth and equity. It is still not widely recognized that travel and tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries that creates vast economic growth, especially for poor countries. Tourism could bring benefits to host communities and provide an important means and motivation for them to care for and maintain their heritage and cultural practices. This research paper presents and analyse the implications of an involvement
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Nowadays, it constitutes a social necessity or even a social right as this is recorded by the increasing number of tourists. The aim of promoting tourism is to increase the net benefits to rural people, and increase their participation in managing & developing the tourism product. If more tourists’ arrival can be raised in rural areas, particularly in ways that involve high local participation in decisions and enterprises, then poverty impacts are likely to be enhanced. Though recent industry development in tourism is paying more attention to local actors and impacts at the destination level, it is argued that structural causes of uneven and unequal development will dampen any potential positive impacts related to poverty alleviation in developing countries. Tourism can turn local cultures into commodities when religious rituals, traditional ethnic rites and festivals are reduced and sanitized to conform to tourist expectations, resulting in what has been called "reconstructed ethnicity." Once a destination is sold as a tourism product, and the tourism demand for souvenirs, arts, entertainment and other commodities begins to exert influence, basic changes in human values may occur. Sacred sites and objects may not be respected when they are perceived as goods to

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