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According to Ministry of Hotels & Tourism in Myanmar, there are 3874 companies doing tourism within Myanmar. However, due to the political climate, ethical concern and security issues, international visitors are strongly suggested to choose agents and hotels carefully. Sylvester indicated on World Nomads that, some of the large travel businesses in Burma are owned by the relatives or cronies of the government, but private travel organizations still occupy more market share in the tourism industry of Myanmar excluding the impact of crony.
Thus, the agents in Myanmar can be broken into 2 groups, one is owned by private organizations and another is owned by government and its cronies. Following are the features of these two types’ travel agents.
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Since all the things in Myanmar are under the domination of government, tourism in Myanmar is also affected by political unrest. As Judd indicated, tourism is a significant revenue of the regime by government, if there comes a fire from regime, the international companies have paid for the weapons. The words were come from the Burma campaign, which encouraged the companies of UK to invest tours in Myanmar, in other words, to supply the regime’s coffer. And when there comes a fight, the tourists cannot be protected. In addition, the human rights in Myanmar is misused by the military such as forced labor among children. Because the tourism related investment resulted tour facilities increase, the child labor is used for building hotels and restaurants for the investment of travel companies. Thus caused some students protested the travel company of STA Travel, also over its parent company, Diethelm Keller Travel in London, which is the company that Burma Campaign said would invest tours to Burma. Therefore, although the private tourism companies plan to make profits from the tourism business with Myanmar, it is hard to say they are benefited from an ethical way. Meanwhile, it is no need to say the government owned tour agents or its cronies owned travel

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