Tourism And Tourism Industry In India

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Tourism and hospitality industry, the service sector of the Indian economy is one of the largest areas. Tourism is a major growth driver in India and is an important source of foreign exchange earnings. The direct contribution to GDP in India region (GDP) per annum during the period 2013-2023 is expected to grow 7.8 per cent.
Tourism in India due to the increase in foreign tourist arrivals (FTA) and a large number of Indians traveling to domestic destinations is rich. Domestic tourism increased by 5.1 percent in 2013 and is expected to increase by 8.2 percent this year, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), according to data available with the revenue earned. The hotel is also an extremely important component of the tourism industry.
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The following factors contributed to the growth of the Domestic Tourist Traffic in India
• Changing Consumer Lifestyle – The 65% of the India population who are in the age group of 20 to 65 years are more keen and interested to explore new destinations and take frequent Holidays
• Growth and development of the Infrastructure – Availability of proper, good and hygienic food, affordable hotels, parking spaces, rental cars ets are among the few reasons that have given a boost to the Indian Tourism Industry. Domestic as well as foreign investment in basic infrastructure such as transportation, accommodation and other tourism related services have caused overall development in the economic condition of the country.
• Evolving Lifestyle around International Tourist Traffic – with the increase of international tourist coming to India each year in 2013 it reached 7.5 million of the world tourist in 2013. The annual growth rate is expected to reach at 6.2% in the the next 10 years and the expenditure generated by these tourist(visitors’ export) is also expected to reach an amount of INR 2958 Billion which is a growth of 9.6% per annum. Hence it will lead to a complete development of
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28 world heritage sites, 25 bio – geographic zones, 7000km long coastline India, makes the pleasure of receiving the natural pleasure in country. Moreover the multiplicities of languages spoken and the numerous cultures present in the country make the experience of visiting India more memorable.
• Opening of Foreign investments – WTTC report shows that Indian Tourism will be directly contributing INR 3,345 Billion to the Indian GDP by 2019. Thus it allows 100% foreign direct investment in the development of the hotel and infrastructure industry. This will be an enormous growth driver for the Tourism Industry.
• “ Incredible India” campaign and its enormous success – the Incredible India campaign was launched by the Ministry of tourism in 2002 to promote India as destination India. It promoted India as unique and a complete package of exploration. So far it attracted 6.3 million of the foreign tourists which is 0.67%. the government want to hike the foreign tourists to 1%. The international campaigned is named as “ Find what you seek”, while the domestic campaigned is titled as “Go Beyond” which will altogether take the Incredible India Campaign to the next

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