Tourism Behaviour In Tourism

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TOURIST The World Tourism Organizationdefines tourists as people “traveling to and staying”. Tourists are those people who travel from one place to another place for pleasure. They travel with some expectations which they have from the place they are visiting. Every tourist have different perception and satisfaction level while visiting that place.This is due to the fact that every tourist hastheir own expectations, inspirations and experiences (Aksu et. al, 2010). Tourists are subject to certain behavior before, during and after travelling. This is conceptualized as travel behavior. This behavior is the direct result of interaction between certain personal and environmental variables on a continuous basis. Travel behavior can therefore be…show more content…
If a developer is to produce successful attractions, his plans and establishments must elicit user satisfaction (Richards, 1996). There were components to service organizations and that each of these components came together to form an overall whole of satisfaction. These components were facilities, services, information and experience. Satisfaction was a concept that was essential in understanding and evaluating tourists and exploring their behaviour (Burns, 2000). Chon and Olsen (1991) discovered a goodness of fit correlation between tourist expectations about a destination, and tourist satisfaction. Then, after tourists have bought the travel service and products, if the evaluation of their experience of the travel product is better than their expectations, they will be satisfied with their travel experience.Generally, expectation can be defined as performance of establishment, ideal performance or desired performance (Teas, 1994). In terms of the relationship between expectation and satisfaction, expectation can be defined as prior estimations made by customers’ while receiving service (Oliver, 1981). Tourist satisfaction is related to the mental state of the tourist rather than the physical state.Tourists can notice their satisfaction when he or shevisits their favorite destination (Y.Yoon&M.Uysal,2005). Tourist satisfaction refers to the pleasure of the tourist aftervisiting any particular tourist destination. Tourist measure satisfaction by comparing the expected service with the actual service of the destination (C.Chen&D.Tsai, 2007).Tourist satisfaction leads to repeat visits and a positive imagespread through word of mouth between tourists increases the number of tourists visiting a certain destination (M.Oppermann, 2000). Therefore, tourist satisfaction is determined by a combination of perceived value and quality, tourist expectations and actual
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