Crime Management Literature Review

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Isheka Lindsay
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Annotated Bibliography
Cowell, McDavid and Saunders. (2012). Managing guest security in a high- violence society. Worldwide hospitality and tourism themes, 4, 1, 32-47.
Article summary
About the article
The writer contends that although Jamaica has a high crime rate tourist that comes to Jamaica are not affected by it. The writer positions in explaining his thesis is that tourist safety is a result of crime management strategy that includes all stakeholders of the tourism and hospitality industry participation.
The purpose of the article The purpose of this paper is to explore security management in the hospitality sector of Jamaica.
Research questions
· What unique risk apply to tourism sector located
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The writer respondent all think that everyone has to play their role in order for crime to solve.

Karagiannis and Sadjadi. (2012). Crime, criminal activity and tourism performance: issues from the Caribbean. Worldwide hospitality and tourism themes, 4, 1, 73-90.
Article summary
About the article
The writer purpose is to show the link between crime and tourism performance. The writer claims that the high degree of crime will reduce tourist arrival because just the perception factor in the decision making process of the tourist when choosing their destination. However the writer argues that crime against tourist are rare but it does happen from time to time. The write went further to states that without product differentiation and the Caribbean high crime rate will cause the destination to lose its competitive edge.
Purpose of study
The purpose of study is to review the many negative implication of crime for tourism in the Caribbean, with particular regards to the economic costs, the loss of long term investment and the impact of illegal drugs.
Research questions
How does crime and criminal activities affect tourism performance in the

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