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Decision making processes of potential tourists and level of satisfaction regarding tourists experience are greatly affected by the tourist’s destination image therefore tourist’s destination images plays a significant role. Aaker suggested in his article that in the tourist destination choice process, the image of destination area is critical factor. In tourism the mere extension of the image in the mind of tourist is more important than true representation of the image of any given location or region. Aaker stated in his article that the image perception can largely be inaccurate about a foreign and its people. However, as action proceeds on the basis of subjective reality therefore, probing destination image is an immensely important exercise. In tourism, marketers are interested in the tourism destination image concept as it plays a significant role in sales of tourist’s services and products and decision making.
According of Balmer, whole consumption experience is pervaded by image perspectives. Through imagery, vicarious consumption may take place before purchasing. Imagery than further can lead to increase satisfaction and value addition during the consumption process. Moreover, after the consumption process, imagery can play a constructive role of reliving experiences of the tourists via vacation souvenirs
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Tourism promotional tools entail this type of image for instance official tourism website, TV programs designed to promote destinations, tourist’s broachers and promotional videos, with appealing slogan and pictures to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of specific destination. However, the product of intentional projected image might not always be the same as the real image as the intention of the image creators may be subjective but not objective and the subjected image is created by the visitors to attract potential

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