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The Indian archipelago is known for its diversified flora and fauna, the northern and north-eastern frontier is guarded by the Himalayas, the north western frontier witnesses the Thar Desert, the west and east faces the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively while the Indian Ocean touches its feet in the south. This makes the Indian sub-continent incredible in its true sense.
In 2002, the Ministry of Tourism used “Incredible! India” as a tag - line to promote tourism in India and attract domestic and international tourists. In other words, Incredible! India is the international tourism campaign used by the Government of India to attract domestic and international tourists.
India is a home to several beaches, waterfalls, hill stations,
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Karnataka, a bewitching tourist destination of South India is surrounded by the immaculate beauty of Mother Nature. The past and present of Karnataka has lot to reveal to its visitors, making it a worthy tourist destination in the map of India. The state of Karnataka is traversed by the Western Ghats giving it dual topographical features; to the east lays the Deccan plateau and the west has the low lying coastal belt facing the Arabian Sea. The beauty of this state majestically reflects in its sun-kissed beaches, lovely gardens, opulent palaces, handicrafts, architecture and coffee and cardamom estates.
The main attractions of Karnataka are its cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and Hampi. You can witness the metropolitan city life in Bangalore with high rise apartments, shopping malls and magnificent IT parks. It also lays before you Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Museum, Lalbagh Garden, ISKCON temple and Vidhan Sauda. However, if your inclination is towards ancient temples and their ageless beauty, you must drive to Hampi. If Mysore renders the royalty of the bygone era, then Mangalore leaves you mesmerized by the beauty of its

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