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My Home, Your Destination: A Brief History of Tourism Development in Boracay Island People around the globe may know the island of Boracay as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the Philippines. Its infamous White Sand Beach, luxurious hotels, various cuisines, thrilling land and water activities, and its booming nightlife have been praised in books, journals, news and the internet. However, for Aklanons (people living in Aklan), Boracay is home. We can distinctly remember how the island used to be before the advent of mass tourism. Henceforth, it is such depressing experience to witness the transformation of island’s soft white sand, crystal-blue waters and its serene landscape into a highly commercialized, overcrowded, and…show more content…
They traded Copra (dried coconut) to Aklanons in exchange for rice and other goods. However, Peter Heinz, a German Traveler, published a book in 1978 entitled Philippines – A Travel Survival Kit that described Boracay as the most beautiful beach in Asia. It’s beauty was further introduced to the world when the film, “Too Late the Hero” in 1970s chose its setting in Boracay, and thus marked the beginning of the influx of tourists. The first resort was built in 1979, owned by a British and a Filipino. Ultimately, it was declared as a Tourist Zone and Marine Reserve (Proclamation no. 081) in January 30, 1987, which permitted high levels of tourism development. The proclamation…show more content…
Furthermore, a proclamation in 1981 (Proclamation no. 2146) classified forest lands under the Environmental Impact Assessment System, therefore, any development or construction in these areas must be subjected into assessment. However, tourism development measures were solidified during the administration of former President Fidel V. Ramos that directed the focus on infrastructure development and exploring local destinations. He said, “Boracay’s precious assets convinced me to give its development top priority as a flagship project of the Ramos Administration. I have never regretted making that decision”. In 1990, Boracay’s master plan was

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