Tourism And Economic Growth In Turkey

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The main purpose of this study is to analyze whether there exists a causal relationship between tourism and economic growth on Turkey between the years 2004-2015. Obviously, these effects will vary from one country to another according to a wide set of circumstances, such as natural resource, culture and socio-economic environment of tourism destinations (Pao, 2004).
Tourism and Economic Growth
Economic growth is one of the crucial factors needed for a country’s development. In its broadest sense, economic growth often points to a rise in GDP. We will omit the HDI and other factors for the sake of convenience of conducting this study. There are three major reasons that lie behind the importance of economic growth such as increase
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The reason of specifically choosing Turkey has its source in conflicts Turkey had with Russia, which affected negatively the tourism sector since the majority of foreign visitors are from Russia. The reason of choosing to examine the effect of tourism instead of other sectors is that Turkey is renown with its convenient geographical position, rich culture and history, and most importantly is available for touristic visits at any season of the year, which implies that Turkey has much more than just touristic places available in summer. The variety of Turkey’s historical sites and the seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea costs has made it a popular touristic destination. In the article “42 million tourists visit Turkey in 2014” (2015) it was reported that in 2014, Turkey attracted around 42 million foreign tourists, ranking as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. According to “The Guardian”(2016) Turkey faced a deterioration to around 25 million in 2016 and then further in 2017 due to the 2016-17 purges in Turkey, terrorist attacks etc. However, a recovery began in 2017, when then the number of foreign visitors increased to 32 million. The time period between 2000-2005 is important for Turkey because there was a remarkable increase in foreign tourist arrivals from 8 million to 21.2 million in turn making Turkey a top-10 destination place in the world for foreign visitors. Among natural resources and its rich history and culture; warm-hearted and welcoming Turkish citizens and business owners make Turkey a more attractive place to be visited. Just after arriving to Turkey, most of the visitors end up being Turkish food, history, and culture lovers. Combining all of the above mentioned reasons, tourism undoubtedly plays a very important role for Turkey. Since tourism plays such an important role for Turkish economy, the ultimate aim of this

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