Tourism Impact On Local Tourism

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A review of existing literature was performed to support the study undertaken i n this thesis. This chapter provides an overview of empirical studies looking at tourism impact and, in particular, resident attitudes towards tourism impact. The review of literature helps to identify authoritative researches presented by various researchers or authors in attempting to respond to the research questions. The main focus is placed on how residents perceive tourism impacts; critically examine the influence of tourism impacts on the attitude of local residents. The literature review will be based on the following topics: 1) tourism impacts, 2) local residents ' attitudes towards tourism impact, 3) tourism impact models, 4) tourism impact and resident attitude scales and 5) tourism and local community participation.

2.1 Tourism and its significance

Tourism is now a global industry involving hundreds of millions of people in international as well as domestic travel each year (Mason, 2003, p. 3). Over the last half century, the growth and development of tourism as a social and economic activity has been remarkable (Sharpley, 2009). Tourism development is generally viewed as an important set of economic activities for improving local economies

and many nations promote nature-based tourism to promote and sustain both environment and economics.

While tourism development requires well developed attractions, tourism superstructures, and
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