Tourism Impact

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People love to travel because travel can broadens our minds. Different people travel with different reasons. Some of them travel to another country are for their job or for study or leisure purpose. When there is a long holidays, people love to travel to another country. Whether they travel by car, boat or by airplane. Due to the number of traveler all around the world is increasing. The phenomenon of travelling around the world did bring some impacts to the tourism. The impacts of tourism can be divide into three sector, economic, socio-cultural and environment.

The first negative sector is economic, refer to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Through tourism industry in undeveloped country might cause leakage. Leakage can be divide into two, which is import and export leakage. Import leakage usually happened when the host country cannot fulfill the needs that offer by the
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Tourism industry can cause more critical problem when related to ethical and crime issues. Because develop of the tourism industry the crime rates also increased. Tourist normally are the victim because they carried a lot of cash and some valuables item when they travel. And this normally happed at the places that less developed. And the next issue is child labour. A lot of employment employ the under age children as their workers because they are cheaper and more flexible compare to those adult. The last issue is prostitution and sex tourism. Prostitution and sex tourism is a big attraction for the tourist to visit, but also bring some problem to the destination. For an example, the tourism act as a platform for the young people involve themselves in the prostitution to earn the money so that they can buy what they want. But sometimes children might trafficked into the sex industry. Thailand is famous by the sex tourism over there, due to this the problem is more serious compared to other

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