Tourism In Bangladesh Case Study

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How customers choose leisure hotels when they plan overseas holidays.

What are the major and key impacts of tourism in Bangladesh?

2. Which reasons behind the recognized problems?

3. To explore how tourism will thrive in spite of identified crisis.

The aim and objectives of the study are given below:

To examine the barriers of tourism growth in Bangladesh.
To investigate the possible ways of improvement of identified problems.
To find out the future development trends in Bangladesh tourism
This research study will draw attention to the core problems and investigate key reasons for downwards trends of tourism industry in Bangladesh. In spite of the recognized problems how tourism will flourish towards its development. In the literature
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Another recent phenomenon witnessed in the country is the upsurge of corporate events especially for companies and business travelers which again lead to the rise in demand for hotel rooms. Further, the sector has also witnessed rise in foreign investments especially for setting up new hotels which reason out why the sector is being looked at as one of profound growth for years to come.

Key Topics Covered:
Despite slowdown, India is still considered to be a major destination in terms of hospitality business • India is considered to be one of the top 10 markets that is poised to deliver 3/4th of the global hospitality growth •Hotels in India offer a wide range of options including luxury, upscale, leisure and mid-market or economy • India has become a global destination with many international brands making a foray into the country as part of their expansion plans • Major international events such as Commonwealth Games, Formula One Grand Prix have led to a dynamically growing hotel industry

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the largest divisions under the services sector of the Indian economy. Tourism in India is a key growth driver and a important source of
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It has been observed that contemporary travelers being bored by the sedentary lifestyle and mounting work pressure are yearning for leisurely activities and they are more eager in having new and unique experiences.
Travelers are willing to utilize their vacations to the utmost to rejuvenate. Traditional travel sector which include adventure travel, nature tourism, cultural and heritage tourism and vacationing with family are still popular with the tourists.
Tourists are also admiring several non-traditional activities such as birding, mountain biking, cruise travel, festivals and special occasions, the thrilling experiences will offer splendid memories at tourism place
The internet has modernized the face of travel industry, with its massive impact among the tourists. Travelers influencing their decision-making and is the fundamental force behind personalization and customization. Now a day they also prefer online bookings and reservations nowadays. These immense changes brought by technology to

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