Tourism In Developing Countries

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CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTORY BACKGROUND Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in many emerging countries such as Turkey, China, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Tourism is a study of man away from his frequent environment, of the industry which responds to his needs and of the impacts that both he and the industry have on the economic, physical environment, and host socio-cultural (Jafari, 1977). United Arab Emirates government has been making endless achievements to promote tourism in order to attain apparent objective of growth. The important part of tourism in UAE is to develop the country, the expansion in the total income of the country and the Gross Domestic Product, and to control the foreign cash. It may also help in the…show more content…
It is also recommended for future research. The procedure will be reviewed in the literature review is chronological order. This procedure will be chosen in the reason of writing the materials according to when they were published. Tourism is a key column in the UAE's procedure to diminish its reliance on oil income. The nation's tourism methodology works in organization with its system to create urban communities, essentially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as significant airline hubs. As the UAE needs common and social assets, it has manufactured its tourism area around luxury living, shopping, presentations, games and prominent development undertakings. As many may know, tourism is one of the most importance sources of income to any country; especially a country like UAE is basically based on tourism and investment from other countries. Tourism is a group foreign visitor coming from different countries visiting a certain country, allowing liquidity and flow of money in that certain…show more content…
Dubai has focused on trade, tourism and industry. It has become a leading commercial center featuring one of the world's busiest ports. Over the past few years, Dubai has caught the world's attention through its enormous, sporting events and innovative constructions. The only emirate with seaboards on both the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf shares its southern border with Dubai is Sharjah. It's educational and cultural center and takes pleasure in preserving the country's tradition and cultural. "The most supported activity for Turkish tourists in the UAE is shopping. Dubai is the biggest luxury shopping destination in the Middle East with more than 400 luxury brands and stores'". (Market R., 2013) Ajman, along the seaside, dhow building with fishing and date faring traditionally. Today Ajman has accomplished great development and manufacture expansion. Umm Al Quwain located between the Ajman and Sharjah to the south and Ras Al Khaimah to the north. The significant role that plays in the emirates' economy was fishing and date

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