Tourism In Goa

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1.1 Overview of Tourism
Tourism is the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence. It involves the motivations and experiences of the tourists, the expectations and adjustment made by residents of reception areas, and the roles played by the numerous agencies and institutions which intercede between them. (F, 2010)
Tourism is a commercial activity hence, brings socio-economic benefits to the community in terms of faster economic growth, larger employment opportunities, income generation, balanced development of backward areas and weaker sections, and sustainable human development.
1.2 What is Eco-tourism?
Eco tourism is an activity that focusses on natural and cultural product while striving
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Goa houses a variety of flora and fauna. To boost the Eco-tourism in Goa the government has set up 3 wild life sanctuaries and one bird sanctuary in the state. Also two additional wild life sanctuaries in Goa have been declared namely, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary at Sanguem and Mahdai Wildlife Sanctuary at Valpoi. Also at Tamdi Surla organisation under the name canapé also promotes eco-tourism through home-stays, night trails, exploring the waterfalls etc. likewise the “AANGAN” project situated in the South Goa Sanguem also encourages eco- tourism activity by providing various activities to the visitors which will be discussed further. (Goa directory, 2010)
1.4 The choice of the topic
Goans are fortunate that a large area of its part of the Western Ghats has a rich variety of flora and fauna. Today beach tourism is on the increase, due to beach tourism the coastal areas have flourished. Apart from beaches, Goa is also famous for its scenic beauty this beauty is still been unexplored. Goa is bestowed by beautiful waterfalls, dense green jungle and water lashing rivers.
The topic is selected in order to focus on the ongoing eco-tourism activity in Verlem village. Eco tourism is widely believed to be the perfect economic activity to promote both sustainability and development. Eco tourism can generate economy for the rural poor people also develop rural Goa.
1.5 Aims and Objectives
• To study the “Aangan” project- as an initiative of Eco-tourism initiated by Mineral Foundation at Verlem

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