Tourism In Kenya Essay

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Perimeter wall at Kenya –Somali border
Porous Somali-Kenya has prompted the construction of a perimeter security wall that will separate the two countries and lock out the jihadists out of Kenya (Strategic Intelligence Service, 2015).

4.1 The Role of Tourism in Kenya’s economy
This chapter will evaluate the role that tourism plays in the economy of Kenya. The country is well endowed with various tourist attraction destinations and warm climate which attracts international tourists.
This chapter explains the relevance of tourism in the Kenyan Economy as a Revenue earner, source of Foreign Exchange and source of livelihood for many Kenyan households. It analyzes the important role the sector plays in the country
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It provides employment both directly and indirectly to thousands of people in such areas as game parks, hotels, tour operators, transport and others. Tourism has positive impacts nearly every aspect of the nation’s life through its linkages as expressed in demand for goods and services in the agricultural, textile, beverage, transport and entertainment sectors. It has a multiplier effect, which contributes to the general government revenue collection and the overall social economic growth of the country. In addition, tourism also plays a leading role in wealth creation as well as in poverty alleviation. In monetary terms, earnings from tourism grew in 2004 and 2005 as the number of visitors also rose. Incomes from tourism went up by 51.9 per cent from Ksh25.8 billion in 2003 to KSh39.2 billion in 2004, and then rose to KSh48.9 billion in 2005, according to figures by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB). At the same time the number of international visitors increased by 18.7 per cent from 1,146,100 in 2003 to 1,360,700 in 2004 and then to 1,670,429 in 2005, representing a 23 per cent rise. Most significantly, the number of tourists from North America went up by 64.8 per cent in 2005 despite travel advisory by the American government cautioning its citizens

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