Tourism In Malaysia

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I. Accessibility and transportation
Transport is the most essential factor in contributing to the international development of tourism. It provides the crucial link between tourism origin and destination areas. The transportation system of travellers is usually categorized as air, water, road and rail.
Merdeka Square is located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Nowadays, the sophisticated transportation system in our country is crucial for sustainable mobility in urban areas. Public transports are very convenient and accessible for commuters. For instance, Rapid KL LRT (Sentul Timur) to the nearest station, which is either to Masjid Jamek or Bandaraya Station. These two stations are just a stone’s throw from Merdeka Square. Both stations
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The Malaysian flag (Jalur Gemilang) was hoisted proudly on the 100m high flagpole that marked down the freedom of independence of Malaysia on August 31,1957. (Wijnen, n.d.). It is known as Kuala Lumpur’s undeniable landmark. This attracts a number of tourists visit to Malaysia. Some of the tourists utilize the massive and lush green square field with 200m long to spend their leisure time and picnic with their family members. It would be an arena for relaxation. (Asia Web Direct, n.d.). The number of tourism and hospitality education program in Malaysia has increased drastically over the last few years. Teenagers nowadays they are lacking of moral values, they do not understand much about the Malaysia’s history. They gain knowledge inside the books. Therefore, the authorities should look into this matter. Meanwhile, surrounding the heritage buildings, education tourism is promoted. They are able to learn the history and cultural of Kuala Lumpur. This allows aspirations of various important stakeholders such as tourism tourists, students, and local…show more content…
On the contrary, old generation people take full use of the social opportunities provided by such spaces. Old people would like to have a regular walk at this area, to refresh their cheerful moments and memories. Most of the time, old people would not interact with other groups to explore the funs. The scenery of the night view of Merdeka Square is magnificent. During the special celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, the adult people would plan to prepare a remarkable and romantic night for their valentines to enjoy here. Young people would like to intermingle this happiness moment with their community. At the open spaces, we are able to meet people with different social classes, ages, ethnicities gather at the same time.
Additionally, tourism acts as a structure, which is to prevent the disintegration of certain artistic and cultural. Tourism managed to enhance the preservation of cultural and heritage buildings that considered as the management of natural resources.
IV. Economy

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