Tourism In North East Essay

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North east is very beautiful part of India. It consist states of Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura. Area is surrounded by various mountains and forest. This area has very beautiful terrain. It’s culture very rich with many tribes. But problem with area is connectivity. Due to mountains it’s very difficult to connect this area to rest of India. Also road connectivity is an issue. But state governments are providing facilities to establish businesses and plants in this part. Also Government of India will provide concessions in case of plant here. Due to this North east can be good place to invest.
Due to its nature and beauty north east is very good option for tourism. Tourism in north east grew in last few years.
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Unlike many children who used to cry while going school I used to enjoy school. I was always excited to go to school. I was good in studies. Mathematics was my favorite subject. I knew tables till 15 in first standard when other students were learning to count numbers till 100. To be frank I was much better I mathematics than any of them. And here came the ego factor. I started making fun of them. We actually made group of so called scholars in class and tease others. That’s where I learnt sad lesson. One should not make fun of person who is double in size. When I see back, I had really bad attitude in that time but it surely helped me lot to gain confidence. I started speaking to people and making friends. Many of them are still great friends of mine. Sometimes maybe from bad dids you get good experiences. I know it is ethically wrong but when you are 6 you don’t know meaning of word ethics.(At least I didn’t know).But those few years changed my life completely. It transformed me from shy and introvert boy to one who can talk to anyone and confident. In future it lead me to some situations of over confidence. But that’s how human nature is! No one in world is
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