Tourism In Sri Lanka

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Tourism is a fast growing industry that highly contributes to Gross Domestic Product in Sri Lanka than other industries. In line with that statement a researcher, Yamakawa in 2007, has declared in his research that the tourism was until recently one of the fastest?growing industries in the world, contributing considerably to the economies of both developing and developed countries. Tourism is a sector that can play an important role, not just in increasing gross domestic product (GDP), but also in reducing poverty. While spreading opportunities to geographical areas which are not always economically dynamic, for example remote locations with esthetic or cultural value, it can also offer income sources and
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It is easy to recognize that the human resource development as the key challenge in tourism growth in Sri Lanka. It is essential therefore that Sri Lankan tourism and hospitality management professionals think outside the box, be innovative and learn quickly from various best practices as well as the similar challenges faced by other destinations. He further suggested and showing the importance of promoting the concept of functional hotel schools by expanding training departments in large hotels (by using qualified and departmental managers as part-time lecturers) as done by Mount Lavinia Hotel in early 1990s and later by Aitken Spence Hotels. He has also got through drawing my concern towards the fact of promoting tourism and hospitality as an attractive career option to grade 10, 11 and 12 students with presentations from young middle managers from the hotel…show more content…
Positive emotions were usually mentioned by students who had chosen the tourism and hotel management school within their first three rank order in the university entrance exam, who had chosen the school willingly, and who had carried out their practical work experience outside Turkey (Denis & Aksu, 2005). Therefore it draw our attention towards the point that is essential and interesting to identify the perception and reasons for the negative attitudes as well as draw their attention to employability of tourism industry in order to overcome the challenge of youth
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