Tourism In The Hotel Industry

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Tourism is presently one of the main monetary exercises on the planet adding to financial, social and political advancement of different locales and Krippendorf (1989) contends that we should be mindful to the development of this movement. The hotel industry is one of the main sub-sectors of tourism and Cunha (2003) believes that the hotel industry was one of the in the principal motives for the development and growth of tourism, which has led to increased number of establishments hoteliers, respective size and organizational complexity (Quintas, 1998). Also the national hotel accompanied the growth of international hospitality thus becoming in the activity with the highest weight among all activities covered by the national tourism. Lima (2003)…show more content…
The evolution of the hotel management made the hotel units to raise their greater concern with issues of image, promotion, service quality and customer satisfaction therefore was unable to marketing play an important role in guiding the market (Teare, 1998). Thus, Lambin(2000) feels that marketing and promotion are sufficiently important for the hotel it was necessary to develop techniques and strategies for promoting able to reach markets products and hotel services. Kotler (2003) show us that to communicate with the outside the hotel unit must perform various actions external, structured and developed based on a promotion and effective marketing promotion strategy, allowing to get the message from the market and acquire a wide range of information about the market, customers and competition (Peppers & Rogers, 1999). This strategy could be very important if give to hotel the opportunity to obtaining competitive advantages, including the ability to develop and customize the product/service, providing customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of this loyalty is (Gordon,…show more content…
Cunha(1997) adds that there have always been several tourist motivations to travel, be they religious, commercial, sport, leisure or the simple desire to know other people and cultures.Tofurther enhance the growth and development of tourism, Macintosh (1995) highlighted the following factors: the onset of motor traffic, the extension of paid leave, the trend of annual real wages, the tendency to a certain economic smoothing, reduction of hours work and the consequent increase of free time available, the increasing life expectancy, the reforms and the monotony of some current professions. Cooper, Fletcher, Wanhill, Gilbert and Shepherd (1998) believes that tourismindustry is a major economic activity worldwide, and is now a vital activity for various countries and regions with a continuous growth of this activity over the past few years (Krippendorf, 1989).Beni (2003) considered that all tourism activities that make up the tourism, hotel is one of the most important sub-sectors, with the housing to establish itself as a key component of this activity by checking the increase in the number of hotel establishments, while growing tourist activity (Batista, 2003). Pine (1995) considered that the evolution of transport, technologies and the phenomenon of the globalization, along with the changes

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