Tourism In West Africa

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However tourist arrival in West Africa from 2009 to 2010 was a big economic boom despite the world economic difficulties .West Africa noted an increase of 9.40 percent of economic growth between 2009 and 2010 respectively. It was also noted that West Africa was the second largest international tourists destination and aside Asia Pacific (UNWTO, 2010).
Apart from tourism growth in West Africa between 2009 to 2010, the (UNWTO,2010) also revealed that, countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania and Turkey experienced sharp growth in their tourism activities. Egypt and Mauritius were also among the countries that saw enormous development and proactive support from governments that boosted the tourism growth in the environment.
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West Africa in general is cheap in terms of transportation such as travelling through the countries. Flights to West Africa are not also very expensive so the destination is becoming a tourist attraction in the world. Travelling to tourism destination by air, land or water play major factors in tourists decisions when planning a visit to destinations. Low prices are very important determinants of tourists demand to international destinations. The cost of leaving in a destination country for a short period of time plays an important role in tourism attractions to the environment. Accommodation, drinks, food, cost of touring the destination, cost of souvenirs and night life such as entertainments can influence tourists’ decision to visit the setting if affordable. Though prices play important role in the selection of a location to visit budgets for destinations differ from one location to…show more content…
The country was formerly known as Gold Coast. It was called Gold Coast because the first British who entered the country saw much gold at the coast of the nation and gave it the name Gold Coast. The name was changed to Ghana when the country got her independence in 1957. The purpose of the Europeans coming to Ghana was for trade in mineral resources. Ghana has large deposits of gold and many natural resources till today. These minerals attracted the Europeans to visit Ghana.
It is obvious that tourism is a very important tool for economic growth and the creation of temporal jobs globally. It is also noted from the statistics (WTTC 2011-2015) that tourism in African countries is growing gradually though its potential has not yet been completely realized as a strong source for economic growth. Based on the fact that though Africa is a huge continent and has the vast potential for tourism growth and development, the strategy

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