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Thuan. What attracts many people to the tourism industry is that the tourism industry brings a lot of advantage to their lives. First of all, travelling is often considered a fun and diverse job. This is because you can come into contact with many working environment, many activities, many people. In addition, you can have chance meet and help people from all over the world. The second advantage, when you work in tourism industry, you can work part-time or full-time, night or day to suit your need and interests. For example, if you are busy in the morning, you can still work in the night. This shows that when you work in tourism industry, you can be flexible in your work. The third advantage, if you work hard, you will have chance for fast promotion.…show more content…
Therefore, before you decide to work in this industry, you should take these disadvantages into consideration.

PLinh. Working in the tourism industry has three main advantages. First of all, working in the tourism industry is very interesting and varied. Because everyday is different. You will meet different people from different countries around the world and get an insight into their cultures. You never know what to expect so you never, ever get bored. Secondly, working in this industry is an opportunity to start a career without any experience. Because many companies likes their employees to start at the bottom to gain experience. Furthermore many hotel and travel organizations also offer on the-job- training so employees can earn a salary while they are learning practical skills. Last but not least, there can be opportunities for fast promotion. If you work hard, gain your experience and develop the right skill, you can move more quickly into management position. A university degree will also help you a lot in your promotion. All in all, you can see that working in the tourism industry give you many

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