Tourism Industry Analysis

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The film plays an increasingly important role in the tourism industry. Tourism is a regional economy, highly concentrated production factors (capital, technology, labor, information, etc.), film as a carrier and development space. It represents the prosperity of the tertiary industry and the optimization of tourism structure. Bilton (2006) and Hung (2015) emphasize the important role of aggregation and diffusion. Therefore, the importance of tourism to the whole region is a long-standing problem faced by economists. Yilmaz and Yolal (2008) discussed in particular the role in the transformation of the production model. They point out that in terms of reproduction, change not only occurs under objective conditions, but also occurs in the producer.…show more content…
The research object of tourism is the urban system with the urban economic system as the core. According to O 'Bannon and Goldenberg (2008), the tourism system is a multi-level system. Irimias (2015) shows that tourism has applied many economic sectors in the urban economy to enrich and develop the connotation and extension of tourism. The rise of tourism, the rise of traditional industry, commerce, architecture and financial services is a new exploration. The city is superior to the countryside and concentrated on the elements of production. Therefore, the tourism industry can develop rapidly. In fact, the city is a big market. Thus, tourism problems cannot be solved by traditional microeconomic economics. The tourism industry is composed of many single economic entities, and its economic relations are much more complicated than the single economy. The film is a special cultural and historical phenomenon. Bilton (2006) pointed out that all countries in the world can see the film, which has the support of the legislature. Usually refers to the workers ' non-working days. In addition to the weekend, most of the films are in the name of some historical or national events. The emergence of the film highlights the importance of the film in economic development, especially in the tourism…show more content…
In addition, the film also improved the living and working environment of urban residents. In exploring the role of the film in the living environment, Clemens and Clemens (2008) argue that the film is an opportunity for people to enjoy their leisure time and decompression. They realized that the film weakened the tourist awareness of urban residents and enriched their leisure life. They believe that the movie is a high-level cultural exchange activity, which aims to meet the urban residents of social and cultural phenomena of the deep spiritual needs. However, Martin (2004) pointed out that the film produced a cultural unity of consumption and creation. Through the film, it can improve the quality of urban residents, for the outside world and tourism exchange to provide a platform. It can encourage urban residents to protect local culture and promote local cultural progress. In the film, the natural randomness and openness dominate, showing the overall consistency with the relaxation behavior. For example, in addition to meeting the needs of the body (eating, drinking, sleeping), other activities can also reduce the pressure of daily work (sightseeing, travel, chat, shopping, indoor entertainment, sports), and also very popular. Therefore, it can improve the competitiveness of tourism. The film can create enormous economic benefits for tourism development. A large number of participation in the work of the city 's job market provides a strong support. Therefore, this

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