Tourism Industry Essay

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Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Background of the study Tourism is the leading and the single largest industry in the world of today. This sector has been recognized as one of the main important service industries in the world (Schumacher, 2007). Tourism industry in Malaysia started from the early 1970s and has become the second highest foreign exchange earner for the country after the manufacturing sector (NTP2004-2010 Main Report, 2004. pg. 9). The sector is predicted to grow at the rate of 6.9% per year and contribute almost RM30 billion to the nation’s economy (Bernama News, 19Mac, 2004). People love to travel to different exotic places around the world and Malaysia is considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Asian region. Malaysia is like two countries in one, cleaved in half by the South China Sea. The multicultural peninsula flaunts Malay, Chinese and Indian influences, while Borneo hosts a wild jungle of orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes. Within and throughout these two very different regions are an impressive variety of microcosms ranging from the space-age high-rises of Kuala Lumpur to the smiling longhouse villages of Sarawak and the calm, powdery…show more content…
Governments view tourism as a tool for infrastructure development, job opportunities, earning foreign exchange, balance of payments, regional development and generating benefits for local communities (Glasson et al., 1995). Tourism development can increase individual’s income and revenues for host countries (Ahn et al., 2002). The development of tourism industry in Malaysia has achieved a level that can be proud of. Tourism related services are one of the main economic activities in Malaysia. It is the second largest foreign export earner, after manufacturing and has been growing since 2000 with international arrivals increasing by 9% per
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