Urbanization In Dubai Essay

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Dubai is an intense city full of developments and urbanization. The value of the land is very high due to its heavy infrastructure and modern building structure. The city is fully urbanized with high skyscrapers, metro bus track and diversification in residents. The diversity in Dubai is one of its biggest assets. Many nationalities and people from different ethnic group live inside Dubai. This is also one of the reasons that the tourism industry of Dubai is so strong. The tourism industry in turn gives strength to the retailer who is very much dependant on the tourists for his sales in Dubai. Dubai is an ideal city for a retailer. Other than the expensive rates, the business has a great chance to bloom under the opportunities that the city has to offer. Its huge market and diversification attracts a huge number of customers.…show more content…
Location brings more and more customers to he store and increases the sales hence resulting in productivity. Simultaneously entertainment factor has also become very important in today’s world. It is a technique to attract more customers and also a way to gain competitive advantage over other similar stores. Another Mall in Dubai that has also worked on the principles of entertaining the customers and choosing a good location is the famous Mall of Emirates. This mall is also located very near to the Sheikh Zayed Road which makes it very convenient to visit it. It opened before the Dubai Mall and is second in success as compared to it. Just being in Dubai gives the location of this mall a great advantage. This mall is also surrounded by a lot of other malls that are very near to it. Mall of Emirates in located in the heart of Dubai which is the business hub and the most urbanized city of UAE. It is admired by all the other emirates and also other countries of GCC. The 5 star hotel Kempinski is also constructed beside

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