Tourism Industry In Malaysia

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Tourism is one of the major industries in the economic world and ranked as the third industry that is grown the most revenue, which is just after oil and automobile industries (Hanafiah and Harun, 2010). Since then, the tourism sector has been developed in many countries with the attempt to increase the number of visitors as tourists can create foreign exchange, export and import goods without harm much of environment compare to other good producing industries and lastly boots up other industries as well which are retail, entertainments and transportation (Hanafiah and Harun, 2010).
The tourism sector is the important sector that contribute to the economy of Malaysia and it is the second largest industry helps to boot up the economy through
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As domestic tourism involves residents travelling within the borders of the country like in Malaysia where a person from Kuala Lumpur going to Penang for a holiday is consider as domestic tourist. The campaign main objective is to encourage Malaysian to plan vacation properly and also target to reverse the view of locals that vacationing is not necessary and waste of time and money. The campaign was rebranded to “Zoom! Malaysia” on 2008 and changed again to “Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia” (Musa Yusof, 2012). Based on Musa Yusof (2012), the director of domestic marketing division of Tourism Malaysia, the destinations that expect to be popular among domestic tourists are promoted through “Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia” packages and categorised in a few segments such as beaches and island, culture and heritage, eco-travel and finally…show more content…
It is a brand enhancement of “Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia” campaign in 2009. Since this campaign aimed to remind Malaysians that exciting holiday is just right at their doorstep as the phrase “dekat je” is translate as ‘nearby only/so close/so near’ and by travelling it help to enhance family and friend’s relationship more. Since this campaign offer endless choices for local holiday and all types of budgets are available. Not only that, the aim of this campaign also generate greater exposure for local tourism products and to strengthen alliances between the main players in the industry. Besides that, the campaign hopes to increase and expand the national economic development by place greater focus on domestic overnight leisure market, the length of stay and expenditure. By increasing awareness and huge publicity on the new potentially developed local tourist attractions and activities with many other options for holiday, this will make Malaysians travel and plan their domestic holidays (Tourism Malaysia,

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