Tourism Industry In The 21st Century

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As we advance into the 21st century, tourism is becoming one of the largest and fastest growing industry in the world compared to others. The amount of tourist increases every year. There are a few factors which explains why the industry continues to grow. Firstly, people nowadays have more affluence. Nowadays people are making more money compared to past time which enables them to pay for their travels. Now people also have paid leaves which allows them to go for a holiday which leads to my second point. Since people have paid leaves, they have more time for leisure purposes without having to worry about their paycheck. Some people save up their paid leaves and money till the end of the year and use them all at once to spend time with their families. Thirdly, with the improvement of technology people are able to travel faster and easier. People are able to make their flight bookings online to choose the best options and mode of transport has a much wider range compare to last time. Also with the improvement of technology brings more awareness to other countries. People nowadays can look for information easily online with a click of a button. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to search for tourist sites which they have never been to easily. And finally, with more awareness to more countries leads to more choices for travel. With so many places to visit, you would save money to visit them all if it was possible. People with higher income or people that have already retired
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