Tourism Industry Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis
Throughout the years, the tourism industry in Malaysia has been rapidly growing and it is becoming one of the main attractions for politicians and economist in Malaysia. The strength of Malaysia tourism industry is that Malaysian can understand the language English other than their own mother tongue language, this would allow them to speak easily with the tourists. Next, Malaysia is known to have 3 different races and culture like Malay, Chinese, and Indian in the country this would allow the tourist to get familiar with the different culture and get to experience it as well. This would be one of the significant attractions for tourist to visit Malaysia as they can be curious with the culture differences. Moving on,
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As even the citizen feels unsafe being in their own country because of the rising of crimes that has been going on in the country, it will affect the image of the country and there will be lesser tourist visiting the country. Cleanliness also plays a big part for the country as tourist wants to feel comfortable and enjoy the streets that they are walking at, but Malaysia is definitely not a clean country as people always litter everywhere and does not clean as they go. Furthermore, the service quality is Malaysia is bad as well, for example like the taxis driver are rude and does not charge with the meter and may cheap…show more content…
To achieve this position, Malaysia gives emphasizes on attracting non-Muslim tourists arrival in the country as well as Muslim visitors. Not only is that, the foreign tourist arrival and revenue earnings increasing year by year. Also, to meet the accommodation of tourists, investors are building new accommodation places. Because the earning from tourism revenue has increased every year and the Ninth and Tenth Malaysia plan has given high priority in tourism development. Moving on, Malaysian government provides the importance on sustainable tourism development in the country and to also adopts and implements various laws and regulations to ensure sustainable tourism development. As the government has implemented necessary policies and regulations for sustainable tourism development and also emphasizes to tourism development in recreational forest areas, water bodies, coastal areas and other suitable places in all over the country. Regardless of, there are various issues that need to be addressed, and it involves the need of developing ecotourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism and other potential tourism products for attracting the tourists. As well as, community benefit sharing opportunities, attract foreign

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