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Tourism Marketing Question One: a) Analyse the role of the National Tourism Organisation (Tourism New Zealand) in terms of New Zealand tourism destination marketing. The National Tourism Organisation is important for the tourism industry in New Zealand as they’re responsible to advertise and promote the best of what is on to offer in New Zealand to international tourists. Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) is responsible for marketing New Zealand globally as a destination and this is done by the popular and well known campaign “100% Pure New Zealand” which focuses on the visitors getting the opportunity to experience green, beautiful scenery that is unique to anywhere else in the world. Seeing as tourism is one of the biggest industries in New Zealand…show more content…
Ensuring everything is well covered there should be three types of research carried out: • Corporate/Resource analysis • Environmental scanning • Market Research Corporate analysis is done by gathering information and knowledge of the organisations strengths and weaknesses. This determines the goals the business wants to work towards. Resource analysis contributes to this by looking at the destinations products, attractions, amenities, accessibility and their image. Environmental scanning collects and analyses the information that relates to the companies’ external environment that could impact the business positively or negatively. Environmental scanning is important for Tourism in New Zealand by identifying any opportunities and threats, gaining the competitive advantage and improving the long-term and short-term…show more content…
TNZ has found that Tourism 2025 theme “targeting for value” is related with their own objective which is to increase the value of international visitors to New Zealand so now the industry is working together to ensure that the common vision is reached. c) SWOT analysis This is identified by a corporate/resource analysis, environmental scanning and market research. This is an important analysis for the tourism industry as it finds the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the organisation. Using Queenstown as an example for a SWOT analysis from a tourism point of view would include; Strengths – Being well known as the ‘Capital World of Adventure’ Weaknesses – It isn’t easily accessible for those who are disabled Opportunities – Any industrial improvements or developments that could increase international or domestic visitation Threats – Competitors from other regions in New Zealand or in another country that offers similar or more unique products. Carrying out a SWOT analysis involves internal and external factors and based on these the organisation then can determine any actions they’d like to proceed afterwards while also overcoming any weaknesses and threats towards their organisation. d) Marketing

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