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A Proposed Taga-Itay Medical Tourism hospital Enhance the Philippines Environment for Health and Wellness Abstract The Medical Tourism is known in various countries especially in Asia because of the large emerging markets in the country. Thus, by its growing competition and demand, the Philippines has potential to attract tourist by offering a natural environment for the health and wellness improvement through medical procedures, attractive scenery and climate. This study is about an issue of integrated healthcare and effective healing that can be used for improving the health of patients while appreciating the natural environment of our country. The purpose of the project is to design a Sustainable architecture that response to the medical…show more content…
Thank you for being my Savior. 1.1. General Introduction The medical tourism is known as one of the most effective treatments in different countries. With its growing demand and competition, Philippines has a potential to compromise natural environment which will help tourist/patients to improve their health and wellness. It also offers the probable benefits of increasing expenses for the Philippine health industry. The project is entitled, A Proposed Taga-itay Medical Tourism hospital will be located at Barangay Tolentino West, Tagaytay city which caters to the health of communities not only for the local but also for international. The project is about a medical tourism that act as a connection of health and wellness nature. The purpose of the project is to design a structure with a safest and most effective design by using sustainable Architecture as one of the healing methods that response to the natural environment to reduce Patient illness, stress and traumatic. 1.2. Background of the…show more content…
It has US $ 80 billion industry and counting. Due to the fast development of various industries, the Philippines has facing a challenge to propagate the own revenues for the benefit of all Filipino’s, to develop the medical tourism that will serve as a source income of the country, patients with wellness may go for an effective recovery after the medical procedure then stay and relax while enjoying the natural environment of Philippines. In spite of the existence of a huge potential in the Field, the Philippines has a potential to compromise the natural environment that serves as one of the effective treatment of patients. According to the Tourism Marketing Research (TRAM), the spread of a Thailand medical tourism is prevalent in Western European countries of seeking cosmetic surgery. While in Singapore and India is a specialist with a more complex procedure like heart surgery. India has a cost advantage in Singapore technology, Malaysia accommodates patient particularly Muslim

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