Tourism Promotion In The Tourism Industry

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The tourism industry is very different from other industries because here you are not dealing with a product, instead, you are promoting the offerings of a destination. The high level of competition within and outside the industry makes you be constantly creative and unique in your approach. Your customers should always get the best image of the destination and its offerings. It should offer and contribute towards sales through the diffusion of information. It should act as a driver in encouraging the actual or potential customers to travel. Salah Wahab, Author of Tourism, Development and Trade defined the objectives of promotion as: • The promotion should be able to make an impact through which the tourism product would be widely known. • The…show more content…
Informative Promotion This is one of the critical forms of promotion in the early stages of the product life cycle when the owners of resorts, hotels, and other attractions try various modes of promotion to make people aware of the amenities and facilities which would make their holiday experience special and memorable. The promotion focuses on the key ideas and features of the tourism product or service which are the differentiators from the competitors. Ideally used when the product or service is launched in the market for a new destination or when a particular product is entering a new market. b. Persuasive Promotion This type of promotion is done during the growth and maturity stages of the product life cycle. Persuasive messages are sent through various channels and mediums to the customers to attract and engage with them. The aim of this promotion is to ensure that the customers select the particular brand over the competitors while making a booking or a…show more content…
For developing countries, the tourism industry has an enormous contribution to the GDP, creation of jobs, exports, and creating new ventures. The key elements, however which are drivers to the growth of the industry are: Technology: There is a significant growth in the mode of reservations being done with the most significant change coming through the mode of mobility. Marketing and sales need to be aligned to be mobile friendly and provide a seamless user experience across all mediums. Other major technologies which are expected to play a major role in the near future are upcoming technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearables. Tailored packages: Travelers are constantly looking for customized or personalized packages, or offer beyond the traditional offerings. The new products which are likely creating a major impact are creating a local experience of a destination, thematic trips, and leisure. Social Media and Network: This growing and booming area will continue to have a major impact on the tourism and travel industry. Real-time information and interaction are possible before or during their visit, which plays a significant role in the changing tastes of the

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