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Introduction: Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, also relatively short stays between successive movements. The travel is very important in our life. So there are many incentives that make tourist travel to several places, such as nice weather, comfort, and self-entertainment and to enjoy. Focuses on my search the role of destination in tourism, types of destination and remarkable point is about travel motivators and how these motives influence people in choice of destination. Role of destination in tourism: Destinations of the tourism are the places which the tourists are visiting. All the tourism places should be provided by some roles, some of these roles are mentioned below. Examples of…show more content…
Business Destination: This type of destination is usually used by Businessmen who are visiting these destinations for business purposes. Normally these destinations are known for meetings, conferences & exhibitions. People who are using this type of destination are traveling frequently combined with one or more of the mentioned types of tourism destinations. The most known business destinations are UK, Dubai, Berlin & Germany. The motives that influence travel: Pleasure vacations are usually preceded by great study and plan. The study is included by the motivates of the vacationers which made the select of the destination. The motivation of the visitors should be related to the destination attributes. The following points are mentioned as the socio-psychological needs could be satisfied: 1) Physical Motivators: It is the physical actions which helps to reduce the stress and tension. Some of these activities are sports, hiking & climbing. The physical motivators can be related to body and mind refreshments which help to reduce the stress and make the mind more clean and this motivator can be by medical treatment which good for health and well being. 2) Cultural Motivators: This type of motivator is known for visitors who are traveling in order to learn about other countries and…show more content…
I asked one question for the students about, do you think Security is important for travelling to any destination? 83% of students had their answer yes. Of course the result was expected because the security is very important for travelling to any destination and people feel comfort and reassurance in the tourist site because of the presence of security. As well as they can sit for a long time. And they can visit all the tourist attractions in this tourist site. 17% of students had their answer no. People who were without their answers have no problem in traveling to tourist site and there is no security. But in my opinion the best and better tourist travel to the site and have the security and safety of all tourists or visitors in the area. So that the security and stability of the most tourist attractions in any country in the

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