Stakeholders In Tourism Essay

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The following chapter will deal with the definition of stakeholders in general and then go over the different stakeholders that are influencing the tourism industry in the Fiji Islands. Furthermore, it will explain what their role is in this industry. To start off, anyone that is involved in a business is defined as a stakeholder. Now, a stakeholder can be an individual, a group or even an organization that either profits or suffers from the activities a business takes. Stakeholders are owners who show interest in the amount of money that the business make. Adding up, the customers who expect fair prices by the business for their quality products. Not to forget, the suppliers who cannot resign the business’ purchase of products, as well as the investors who insist on getting their investment in time. Last but not least, as local entrepreneurs, the community has an allotment in the industry as well. This makes the community a stakeholder (BBC, 2012).

Furthermore, there are two main touristic organizations that are seen as the head of the tourism industry in the Fiji islands. Firstly, The Fijian Ministry of Tourism, the FMT and secondly, the Fiji Visitors Bureau, shortly named as the FVB. These two organizations play a huge role in the
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As a result, more and more of the local residents become dissatisfied because of the low amount of Fijian residents participating, and being a part of the tourism industry. As a matter of fact; the indigenous people are the ones, to normally have or get the unqualified jobs. This has led to considering about other possibilities of establishing tourism projects in order to support the rural native Fijian population (Campbell, 2010). Which has been a mandatory move for the Fijian tourism industry stakeholders, because this is still bringing more economic profits to them (FMT, 2005) (Campbell,

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