Tourism Studies In Academic Literature

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According to the UNWTO, tourism can be defined as activities of people travelling to and staying in places outside their ordinary environment for not more than one consecutive year. They travel for several purposes such as for leisure and businesses, however not related to activities remunerated from the place their visits. The increasing concern on tourism studies in academic literature started as soon as the growth of the tourism industry after the Second World War. In the 70s, tourism has become an academic endeavor of researchers and scholars in various disciplines. It is a complicated event that happens among the society which is hard to define and understand. Even researchers had faced difficulties in defining the real meaning of tourism as it can be related to many other studies like architectures, biology and administration. As a pre-paradigmatic study, tourism always creates a confusion and difficulties among researchers. This problem happens due to the different school of thoughts from multiple paradigms of researchers. It had come across into various disciplines, and with no background studies on tourism, researchers have tended to produce an explanation or theories based on their own field of studies which always ends up with a result that clashes and cause disagreement among them. The factors that contribute into this mess is the fact of different thoughts, views and approaches carried by the researchers in achieving the purpose of the studies. This

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