Tourism: The Consequences Of Crime In Tourism

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Tourism can view as a new developmental activity in the history comparably (Cooper et al., 1998). Nowadays, there are more and more countries consider tourism as an important industry since it takes part significantly in the economy, society and culture. According to Rochelle & Zachary (2013), tourism created and supported approximately one in every eleven jobs both directly and indirectly in the world. However, there are also some negative impacts may cause by the tourism that should be addressed. Crime is one of the issue. In this essay, it is going to evaluate the extent to which crime is a problem in relation to tourists and tourist areas. First, the definition of crime will be given. Then, it will discuss with examples for the level of crime that the tourists and tourist areas are in trouble. The essay will then finish with a recommendation and conclusion.…show more content…
There are many different types of crime can be identified in tourism. Some of the crimes are minor and have relatively low impact, such as fraud, larceny and robbery etc. Yet, there are crimes that are serious and have high impact to the tourist areas, such as terrorism and drug

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