Tourism: The Importance Of Tourism Business?

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ENCOURAGE YOUTH Tourism is one of the main actors that deliver a country to have a big name in the world. The importance of tourism drives every country in the world to give its best performance in tourism to attract people around the world with cultural performances, unique places, natural places, or ancient collections and many others. The popularity of the tourism encourages a lot of entrepreneurs to gain benefit from tourism business, but who are they? Who run the tourism business? The answer reveals clue that a lot of tourism business are not run by young people. They are made by older people that have enough funds to support their creativities. Furthermore, a lot of youth that have fantastic creativities end up giving their ideas to people that have enough fund and they do not have any copyright of their creativities. In my opinion, this is the case why youth are not really interested in contributing in developing tourism in their countries. They prefer to go abroad to explore other’s places or countries tourism because they think it will be more precious to spend…show more content…
This event already held for the 5th times in Indonesia as an loyalty to the country and also for conserve culture. This competition attended by 1.500 people that came from individual, youth communities, schools and universities from Jakarta and also dancing communities. The participants of this event that held in Grand Indonesia Mall not only came from dancer or dancing communities but also from another professions like engineer, nurse, physiotherapist, even analysis airline. This event already prove that a lot of people enthusiastic especially young people from any profession. Nevertheless, another event held in Indonesia. That was a photography contest that held by Unesco with theme World Heritage Photo Contest Series- 2014 that gain a lot of appreciation by young
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