Tourism: The Impositive And Positive Impacts Of Tourism

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In this section the literature about tourism in explained, some relevant work by organizations and individuals is discussed in this section which shows and highlight the negative and positive aspects of tourism, overall the impact of tourism is positive on the economy of country.
Every country now a days in focusing on the tourism industry because it is very beneficial and important for the economy, it not only increase the economic activities in the country it’s also very good for the culture of any country.
Following are some findings from the following literature on tourism:
1. Tourism generates the foreign inflows and brings money into the economy.
2. Tourism creates jobs and the standard of living is increased.
The cultural heritage is counted as one of the most important feature/component of tourism in many developed countries (Alzue, O’Leary and Morrison, 1998 and Herbert, 2001).
Heritage has its particular values, despite, cultural heritage tourism provides many sorts of opportunities but at the same time there are many threats attached to tourism, we should try to minimize these threats with conservative management (Aas, Ladkin and Fletcher, 2005).
As per UN-World Tourism Stats (2009), the number of International tourist arrivals was 924 million in 2009 with an increase of 1.8% over 2007. Statistics show that the tourist arrivals dropped down in 2008 due to extremely volatile and unfavorable global economy. According to the Statics data, with an increase of 5% in

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