Tourism: The Relationship Between Tourism And Tourism

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Tourism refers to those activities related to traveling and staying outside their normal environment for leisure time, business and other purposes. Tourism is the dynamic and modest industry that needs to accept the continue change according to the customer change its needs and desire.

2.1 Type of Tourist: International and Domestic Tourist
There were different types of tourist known documented depend on length of stay, form of transport, distance travel, reason for travelling and money spend by tourist. There are two types of tourism: 1) International tourism. 2) Domestic tourism.
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Tourism is the reason why tourist travels the destination so when the tourist travels the destination they need the accommodation to stay and food to eat. There is need of the hospitality applied in the transport provide for the customer will fell relaxed during the travel. Tourism and hospitality are reliable on each other. It show us how hospitality very important to the tourism industry.
(Study Mode, 2015)

2) The tourism industry offers the intangible product. Customer never fell satisfied unless the customer taken it. When the customer buys the service it needs to make sure that guest feels comfortable while using the service. The service delivered such as guest greeting, create friendly environment and satisfied the customer these are hospitality service used in tourism as well which shows the similar service used in both the

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