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The tourism vision for Anguilla is a result of two major components. The first component are the key strengths of Anguilla. The uniqueness of Anguilla lies in her unharmed beaches and clean environment, high quality hotels and villas, world class cuisine, peace and tranquility, security and safety, friendly inhabitants and the relaxed way of life. Anguilla offers the ultimate holiday experience. Anguilla is peaceful, has warm and friendly people, creates a feeling of being safe in a luxurious environment. Based on Anguilla’s core strengths and vacation experience the following Tourism Vision has been formulated: “‘We are a premier Caribbean destination known for our world class beaches; pristine azure waters; top class resorts and restaurants;…show more content…
Allocating budget for tourism marketing and promotion increases significantly. This applies to existing markets in North America, Europe and the Caribbean, as well as new emerging markets in Central and South America. Furthermore, the growth of tourism has a number of consequences. The air and water accessibility improves. The airport runway extends to 6,600 feet and the airport terminal redevelopes and now has state-of-the-art passenger facilities. Existing hotels and villas have a better room occupancy. This goes along with better rates and generating higher profit margins. In addition, the designation of three Tourism Development Areas promotes the sustainable development for the West End TDA, Central TDA and East End TDA. For the West End TDA, the implementation of the action plan serves to maintain the area as the exclusive beach vacation destination. Not just in the Caribbean, but also worldwide. For the Central TDA, the realization of the action plan leads to a transformation. The TDA turns into a hub of tourist/local social interaction. As for the East TDA, the implementation of the action plan…show more content…
It includes a mission statement, guiding principles, general policy objectives and strategy for the development of the sector. The mission statement reads as follows: "The wider objective is to develop the tourism sector as a national priority in a sustainable and acceptable manner, taking full advantage of global trends and developments so that tourism will significantly contribute to the continued improvement of quality of life in Anguilla whilst promoting the country’s cultural and natural heritage." There are eleven key principles developed to guide the responsible development of the tourism sector. The development of tourism should be done in the private sector, in which the government only play a role in destination marketing. The government should support the conservation of the environment and natural resources. Active involvement of the population of Anguilla in tourism. The human resource development should be promoted. Regional opportunities must be capitalized as much as possible. Develop linkages with other sectors of the economy. Promoting a marketable identity to attract more visitors. Maintaining and improving the image of Anguilla. Develop and promote an unrivalled collection of outstanding and world renowned hotel, villa and other accommodation type properties. Anguilla offers the highest possible standards of facilities, amenities and services and provide

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