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Tourist Gaze. The concept "Tourist Gaze" implies a dynamic process, which is associated with the acquisition and accumulation of tourist experience. Moreover, this concept includes a multi-level gradual social organisation of tourism and systematic natural development of these processes. The "tourist gaze" helps to formulate what separates the tourist experience from everyday life. Namely, to understand the ways in which the production and consumption of tourism goods and services affect various social relations and processes. The social organisation of these processes includes a number of elements. For example, carefully selected images of places that a tourist can see, information about the destination, which shows the uniqueness and historical…show more content…
Then the main purpose of the trip was to gain experience to continue their business. However, since the 16th century, the main goals of the journey began to change and acquire a more research value with the obligatory condition for observing the main tourist attractions. Gradually, with the development of technology and scientific knowledge combined with the growth of professional classes, the availability of the railway system, the spread of guidebooks, the distribution of packaged tours and the invention of the camera, the tourist industry began to change its meaning. These factors contributed to the emergence and developing of scenic tourism and practice of sightseeing. This types of tourism come to the fore and become the basis for the emergence of the modern tourism industry. Moreover, the development of tourism was influenced by the fact that discretionary income among the population increased, and travel became more and more accessible to a larger number of people. Throughout the last century, the scale of tourism continued to grow, growing into a global economy, which in turn led to the globalisation of the…show more content…
As a rule, these tours are intended for rest and refreshing after everyday life. Moreover, the concept of tourist sight did not include visits to places and areas not intended solely for tourists. With the growth of globalisation and the expansion of the concept itself, the very idea of a tourist gaze has changed and has become more broadly understood. The so-called "other" concepts and types of tourism activities were also included and considered. Urry himself talks about this in his new Tourist Gaze 3.0 edition of

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