Tourist Perception In Tourism

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Perception can be defined as a set of internal sensational cognitive processes of the brain at the subconscious cognitive function layer that detects, relates, interprets, and searches internal cognitive information in the mind (Wang, 2007). Tourist perception can be defined as tourist’s opinion either positive or negative towards certain things (Fauziah & Fathiah, 2011). It is also about tourists with their previous experience (Rajaratnam et al., 2015). Ahadi et al, distinct tourist perception as tourist’s evaluation on certain things (2015). Based from past researchers, there I can conclude that tourist perception can be defined as opinion on what tourists actually faced during their vacation.
Each and every tourist has different level of expectation which lead to different level of each of their perception. When Muslim tourist travels, they tend to go for tourism and airlines programs that cater for Muslim tourist. Therefore, the tourism industry should encourage their staff to dress according to shariah compliant in order to attract Muslim families (Battour, 2010). Bon and Hussain proved that, having knowledge about halal is give the service provider extra miles in convincing Muslim tourists especially when they able to demonstrate about how genuine their product is in term of food preparation and their services is accordance to Islamic law (2010), while Kamaruzaman insists on providing updates, news and upcoming trends that cover each Halal supply chain is important to

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