Importance Of Towel In The Bathroom Essay

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Towels in the bathroom 1. How many towels should be in the bathroom The issue is complex, as they say, how many people, so many opinions. Let's deal. In the bathroom, the sink should be hanging general hand towel / person, there may be two - adults and children lower. Each family member should have its own large bath and small towels. More convenient thing - towel for the feet, it come out of the bathroom. Some people get along with one large bath towel for each and a common hand. A female with long hair is clearly need except bath towel and hair towel. In European hotels, I noticed a large issue and a small towel for each guest and one common leg. For the face, especially those with problem skin, it is better to use disposable paper towels…show more content…
If you towels hang nevertheless close, show guests what kind of hand, and the offer is not wiped so what better liked, Otherwise, your guests tormented by doubts that before wiping it with a towel..! If you come to the doctor, he unequivocally issue a clean hand towel. Guests who stay the night, you need to give a large bath towel and a smaller private (optional, some are asking some refuse, and from it). 4. Storage of towels in the bathroom How to organize the storage of towels in the bathroom depends on its size and the freedom of your actions (own housing or removable). Hooks, towel rails, rails, shelves on the wall, cabinets and shelves - are already full scope for the flight to your imagination. Placing clean towels in the bathroom allows you to free up space in the closet and the usual best use the space bathroom, but keep in mind that this option is suitable for those who have good ventilation in the bathroom and no dampness. Storage towels in a cabinet or a shelf under the sink Towels in hanging baskets Roof and shelves for towels Towels on a shelf above the

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