Townshend Act Research Paper

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The Townshend Acts were a series of four acts passed by the British Parliament. These Acts began June 15th and lasted through July 2nd, 1767. The British East India Company was required to sell its tea throughout London. Therefore colonists were required to pay tax per pound of tea that was sold. The Tea Act then granted the company to export their tea to American colonies. Britain had where whatever was charged on the shipping the American colonies would be waived or refunded upon sale. Since Americans were offered tea at a lower price meant that colonists especially those who smuggled the tea and resold it would get angered. This would lead to smugglers being put out of business and The British East India Company would be saved from its bankruptcy. The British East India Company set up to sell tea to the American colonies. The tea would be sold at a reduced rate for the American colonies. The Townshend Acts still remained anchored…show more content…
colonists that were led by the Sons of LIberty, wanted the ships to return to England while the Governor Thoman Hutchinson refused to let ships go back to England the other leader known as Samuel Adams organized what is known as the “tea party” with a rough estimate of about sixty members of the Sons of Liberty. That night the members of the Sons of LIberty disguised as Indians with Mohawks boarded the three ships and dumped the three hundred and forty-two barrells of tea into the harbor which was worth roughly $18,000-$19,000. After the Boston Tea Party parliament, was angry with the destruction of British property and enacted the Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable Acts, in 1774. The Coercive Acts shut down the Boston Harbor until all of the tea that was dumped into the Harbor was paid for. The Coercive/ Intolerable Act eventually led the colonists to have a war with
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