Toxic Leadership And Toxic Leadership

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Toxic leadership has been around for decades in all nations throughout history and it seems that many leaders displayed that type of toxic behaviors that lead organizations or Armies to achieved greatness or destruction. However, despite the fact they accomplished their goals does not mean they are great leader, or that the people who work with them are willing to follow them because they trust them. In definition, a “Toxic Leader is a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations, and behaviors that have adverse effects on subordinates, organization, and mission performances” (according to ADP 6-22).

Toxic leadership is an illness if we look it that way, that if is not treated carefully It could spread among those that are directly involve, just like a spider venom infecting your body. This type of leadership tends to demoralize soldiers and workers in every organization creating a toxic environment at the workplace. But this type of leadership style is based on perception, there is some that think that because they can get things done they are great leaders, and there are others that might think differently, I guess that is why we keep seen this type of leadership around.

To Identify toxic leaders first the focus should be on the symptoms that will be display by those who suffer that illness like individualism, traits, climate, the environment they create, and factors that might predict negative outcomes. Furthermore, there are leaders who act like jerks, those
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