Toxic Leadership

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Toxic leadership has been around for decades in all nations throughout history and it seems that many leaders displayed that type of toxic behaviors that lead organizations or Armies to achieved greatness or destruction. However, despite the fact they accomplished their goals does not mean they are great leader, or that the people who work with them are willing to follow them because they trust them. In definition, a “Toxic Leader is a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations, and behaviors that have adverse effects on subordinates, organization, and mission performances” (according to ADP 6-22). Toxic leadership is an illness if we look it that way, that if is not treated carefully It could spread among those that are directly…show more content…
Furthermore, there are leaders who act like jerks, those who like to lower others moral, bullies who likes to rise their voice to others. However, not every toxic leader yells at other, there are passive voice leaders who just has a lack of concern for the well-being of…show more content…
Many of them left the company seeking for a better workplace environment experience with better and more inspiring leaders, some of them stood in the company but refused to work the way they used to, all that because of those leaders. Today’s date, those leaders are not in the company but sure they made and impact in the company, an impact with a negative outcome, and a demoralized unit that is bouncing back(resilience) from that bad experience. But why these leaders could lead that way and no one did anything about it, maybe because they didn’t know how to approach that type of situation with the commander or the first sergeant, maybe because those leaders accomplish every task that was assigned to them and they were consider as outstanding leaders by those that were higher in the chain of command. To eliminate that type of behaviors would be by identify toxic leadership immediately and take actions on that matter to eliminate that leader or to modify his behavior. It is not an easy subject and it needs more research in order to come up with grater solutions and way to identify the symptoms, not the illness but the symptoms that will reveal toxic leadership

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